Audit Services in UAE

Audit services in UAE help businesses in UAE to work more confidently and with enhanced system functionality. Gotrack Auditing is one of the foremost and leading audit firms in UAE. Our proficient and skillful auditors in UAE offer the finest audit services to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of financials.


Our audit firm delivers top-notch and high-level audit services, We are proposing all types of professional audit services in UAE such as financial audit, internal audit, liquidation audit, tax audit,  stock audit, and risk management audit.


Auditing services in UAE

Companies in UAE require different genres of auditing services as per their specific requirements. Gotrack Auditing is an approved auditing firm in UAE. Our audit report is authorized and approved by the Ministry of Economy (MOE).

Our experienced auditors study the financial operations of the business and make an analysis report regarding the improvements and enhancements and help the business management in controlling and identifying the risks.

Our quality auditing services help the clients to see more clearly and connect the findings with the future of their businesses. They can make a decision based on those findings to enhance the performance of the business.

We also give Audit work to third Party companies.

Auditing Firms in UAE

At Gotrack Auditing, our approach reflects our experience and demonstrates an understanding of what our clients need. Gotrack Auditing is one of the renowned audit firms in UAE.


Our qualified auditors offer the finest auditing services which ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the financial information of a company. The criteria of our audit reports are to follow the standards of the International Standards of Auditing (ISA).


“At Gotrack, we cover all the contents and modules of audit services in order to attain the business demands of the clients according to the modern dynamic market environment.”


In each audit consignment, our auditors collect data and information and work closely with the client, yet independently and stimulate open communication to ensure a complete understanding of the client’s business to emphasize crucial risk areas and internal control factors.


Importance of Audit Services

Audit services in UAE are essential for all companies to analyze the financial health of their businesses. An audit report assists shareholders and investors to evaluate the entire financial position of the business.


Audit plays a vital and critical role in creating and maintaining investors’ and shareholders’ confidence and can open more valuable opportunities for the business. The trend of the audit is increasing in UAE as the business partners and shareholders are asking for more details and insights from the organization to ensure the safety of their money.


Financial Audit

A financial audit is also recognized as an external audit. Through financial audits, businesses can identify precious and useful business opportunities. Financial audit assists in finding out the negative concerns occurring in the financial operations and presents critical deep insights that can help the company to address the present and future challenges and threats to take decisions.


Internal Audit

Internal audit helps organizations to succeed. Internal audit deals with the issues that are residing inside the organization and fundamentally important to the endurance and betterment of the company. Internal audit services provide more clear insights and foresight across your business to identify and control the future risks and helps to build confidence to move faster and act decisively. Our internal audit focus on the high-impact area.


Company Liquidation Audit

Unsettling conditions of the market and other uncertain economic factors are forcing businesses with small funds and budgets to close the company. A liquidation audit report is required by the authorities to proceed with the cancellation of the trade license. Gotrack Auditing will prepare the company liquidation audit report and submit it to the relevant authority where the company is registered.


Tax Audit

Tax audit services in UAE will ensure that all the elements related to VAT or excise tax are in line with the rules and regulations of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Tax audit will ensure that the tax laws are being followed properly and will help you to avoid heavy tax fines and penalties. Our tax auditors ensure the tax compliance of your company by conducting a tax health check. Gotrack Auditing is a certified tax consultant in UAE.


Stock Audit

The stock audit is also known as inventory verification. The objective of the stock audit is to prove the accuracy, existence, and ownership rights and ensure the value of the items in the company’s inventory. High expertise along with thorough planning is required to conduct a stock audit. Our auditors conduct a verification of inventory and give more clear and deeper insights into your stock along with a proper reconciliation of existing stock records.


Risk Management Audit

In the modern, advanced and competitive market, companies have to face many challenges and risks. Risk management is to identify the potential and expected risks and manage them by overcoming a risk or minimizing the impact of that risk or threat. Identification of the risk is a critical component. A risk management audit will allow a business to control the risk or minimize the negative impact of the risk.


Audit Services for Free Zone Companies in UAE

It is obligatory for all the companies registered in free zones to perform an audit annually and submit it to the authorities. If they are unable to submit an audit report then it may cause a heavy penalty to the business or the authority may cancel the business license.


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